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GrayHair Launches eCommerce site - Compliance Meets Convenience

GrayHair announces the launch of its self-service eCommerce site and campaign - Compliance Meets Convenience. This eCommerce site enables businesses to utilize GrayHair's extensive tools and experience in compliance, marketing, high-value communications and consulting scaled to a much smaller market size.   The site,, is segmented into the various verticals that GrayHair has supported for close to 20 years. The site is built primarily as a DIY/subscription model, so it’s easy to navigate and customer-centric to quickly help a business as a one-time resource or to act as a company’s ongoing data and marketing operations.   “We have been...

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High-Value Communications Driven By Data Management

By: Tom McCaully Data management is the precious commodity that drives it all.  Challenges around data erosion can increase by maintaining separate physical (address) and digital (online) customer profiles that get out of sync. The threat of data erosion is everywhere with self-enrollments, online communications, agent networks, claims and customer service and more. Coordination and collaboration across the enterprise where customer data must be consolidated, cleansed and access simplified, is critical. Today’s communications strategies are as challenging as ever. Trying to reach your current customers and connecting with new ones can take several different paths in multiple channels. Plus, competition...

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