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Address Data Entry Verification - Domestic

Address Data Entry Verification - Domestic


Compliance Assistance Program-- Address Data Entry Verification or VerifyAQ

This is a first key step in looking for potential candidates for fraud and inappropriate activity.

Our solution has the ability in real-time to check your input names against our vast universe of known mailing addresses.

VerifyAQ looks at the address and checks it against the standard USPS® mailing address tools and our other proprietary databases that go back 15 years.

Access and verify individual address records at the time of entry.

Reduce cart abandonment rates. Saves money on returned mail, delayed AR/AP, missed offers, and provides friction-less experience on eCommerce shopping carts.

Enables your Accounts Payable/Receivables, Customer Service & Call Centers, and other parts of your organization to always have the correct street address within 250 milliseconds after entry. Works on your site or with your system, and can be used by both staff and customers.

Easy API integration, pricing based on number of records to be verified.  

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Being out of compliance can be very costly, learn more here.

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