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Mobile/Email Consulting and Campaign Package

Mobile/Email Consulting and Campaign Package


An Omni-Channel Strategy using a direct mail campaign can see response rates increase as much as 35%.

Our Digital Channels and Services Program is a fully-managed campaign service, of mobile and email, with low minimum fees to ensure small and large organizations can communicate with audiences.

Our program keeps you connected to current customers and identifies potential customers. Our digital program allows you to connect your data files of customer’s names and addresses to our extensive digital database to reach your existing audiences. We offer demographics with over 350+ filters for micro-targeted campaigns.

Our campaigns allow you to reach your audiences across personal devices, mobile phone, websites and social media. We can also run targeted campaigns to white-listed websites such as NBC, FOX, ABC, CNN, Forbes, Zillow and more.

Campaigns include transparent reporting on such areas as creative, exchange, strategy, and Geo-performance.

Consulting Package includes:

  • Digital Deck – 15 minutes
    • This is a general overview of how programmatic ad serving works through the system, including specs
  • Onboarding/Data Management Platform Preview – 10 minutes
    • This will be a demo of audience segments and selection via the DMP platform
  • DSP Preview – 10 minutes
    • This will be a demo of the platform in which the ad buying and campaign management occur during the run of the campaign
  • Full campaign walk-through (use an existing proposal PPT): – 25 minutes
  • Planning – Audience selection, ad copy suggestions, timeline
  • Execution – Part I, start date, adjustments/optimization
  • Reporting – Overview of reporting options
  • Results – Goal-setting and expectation setting
  • Client campaign planning – 1 hour
  • General overview of goals and expectations
  • Audience Selection – B2B/Consumer/Political/Social

Consulting on ideal audience for campaign including geo, demographics, interests

  • Blacklist/White-list existing clients or targets

Decisions about preferred websites for ad to appear or sites to block

  • Creative requirements and best practices

Go over specs and ad copy for campaign

  • Discuss budget – 5 CPM for display; email dependent on data type

Decision on impressions and timeframe

  • Select channels for marketing – email, display, social
  • Discuss time frame – campaign start and end dates
  • Determine report schedule – weekly, bi-weekly, etc.

Campaign includes 40k to 45k emails sent for B2B or 90k to 100k emails sent for B2C and a range of 500k to 1MM impressions with re-targeting along with consulting. 

Being out of compliance can be very costly, learn more here.

Please read our Terms and Conditions here before purchasing.

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