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Postal 101: Fundamentals of Mail Course

Postal 101: Fundamentals of Mail Course


What will you learn in this course?

This session will include various key topics for Business Mail using the United States Postal Service®. 

As a beginner in business mailings, this session will help you become familiar with bulk mailing terms, services and offerings. You will learn the best practices and be updated and clear on mailing your first mailing.  You will have a better understanding of mailing needs from a simple mailing model to a complex enterprise mailing.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • What is bulk mail? Understand the advantages and basic requirements in a bulk mailing
  • Learn about the postage price and the variables that can affect your mailings including size, shape, weight, distance, quantity, destination and non-profit status
  • Learn the various classes of mail and mail characteristics to determine what can be mailed
  • Understand addressing and compliance with automation discount regulations including move update and verification at acceptance
  • Learn about and understand ways to keep insight on your mail production and know the delivery information to manage your response impact
  • Learn about paying postage, sorting your mail and bringing your mail to the post office.
  • Obtain a checklist to start mailing
  • Learn where to obtain specific help and resources online or through an association

Course Time:  Pre-visit call and 2 days onsite (limited to 10 people in attendance)

About the Instructors:

Our instructors are facilitators trained in bringing practical applications and to share their years of experience to the beginning mailer.  With over 20+ years in mailing experience in finance, insurance and regulatory solutions, our team of instructors has established some of the world-class mailing operations for many of the largest mailing operations.

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