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Compliance: Move Update Audit

Compliance: Move Update Audit


What will you learn in this audit?

This audit session is where a company can engage with a postal expert(s) to determine the postal compliance and penalty impacts. The audit will provide insight on potential infractions, recommendations and an action plan to bring your postal operation into compliance now and in the future.

Every audit begins with an overview call prior to any site visit. The site visit will include interviews and physical inspection of sample mail, addressing systems and postal operations and USPS® acceptance. 

Topics covered in this audit include:

  • A call to prepare for an on-site visit and alignment of interviews
  • Walking the life-cycle of the address starting point all the way thorough the mailing experience and ongoing maintenance in your CRM systems
  • Review and observe your data entry and data capture systems (call centers, application branches, website, support organization)
  • Review and meet with data stewards and maintenance team of the CRM addressing information
  • Visit to your mailing operations and postal production facilities
  • Review and spot check some sample outbound mail pieces and return mail operations.
  • Receive a final scored report and recommendations

Audit Time:  Pre-visit call, 1 day on-site (limited to 10 people in attendance) and follow-up call after formal report.

About the Auditors:

Our auditors are trained to bring practical applications to postal compliance and to share their years of experience with clients. With over 20+ years in mailing experience in finance, insurance and regulatory solutions, our team of auditors has established some of the world-class mailing operations for many of the largest mailing operations.

Being out of compliance can be very costly, learn more here.

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